Replacements For Discontinued Bathroom Sanitary
Have you broken something in the bathroom? Need to replace an item in your bathroom? Is
your existing bathroom suite discontinued? We are here to help you.

If you have broken a bath, a wash basin, a toilet, a bidet or a shower tray, our easy-to-use site
allows you to get the advice you need quickly and simply.

We can supply new replacements for old colours and designs of discontinued and obsolete
bathroom ranges.

Even if your bathroom colour or design is discontinued, withdrawn or obsolete we can help you
replace the damaged item.

Need to replace something in the bathroom?
A broken bath or wash basin does not mean you have to replace the whole suite. Why have the expense of changing the complete bathroom if it's only the toilet that is broken? You can probably get a suitable replacement from us and even get your insurance company to pay for it. 


We can help
We have been supplying replacements for discontinued ranges of bathroom sanitary ware and colours for over 16 years. Our web site is designed to be simple to use and enables you to find out what's available quickly and easily. Just spend a few minutes reading how to get the little bits of information we need. Complete our enquiry form. click and send. We'll do the rest for you. 



Items we stock 

This is a short list of some of the items we stock.

  • Discontinued bathrooms
  • Obsolete bathrooms
  • Withdrawn bathrooms
  • Old bathroom designs
  • Discontinued bathrooms colours
  • Obsolete bathrooms colours
  • Old bathroom colours
  • Hard to find bathroom designs
  • Replacements for white sanitary ware
  • Discontinued toilets
  • Discontinued wash basins
  • Discontinued baths

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